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Teens with a shocked expression looking at their phones

Youth Emotion & Smartphone Study (YESS) 


We are seeking caregivers and adolescents ages 12 to 18-years-old with some symptoms of depression to participate in a study. We are investigating how adolescents' thoughts, moods, and behaviors may change how they feel over time, as well as what drives depression in adolescents. 

Participation is required for approximately one month (includes pre-interview, a 28-day data collection period and post-interview)   


  • Parents and adolescents will fill out questionnaires and complete interviews over Zoom 
  • Adolescents will download an app on their smartphone to track their mood and phone-use over time 


  • Adolescents can earn up to $150
  • Parents can earn up to $60 

For more information or to enroll